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Lagos State Govt To Curb Unemployment With LASU Entrepreneurship Programme




Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu


Lagos State government through the Lagos State University (LASU) has introduced an entrepreneurship programme known as Stream Two programme to curb unemployment amongst Nigerian graduates.

LASU Stream 1 programme is the normal regular undergraduate programme while the stream 2 programme which kicked off during the 2019 admission is a voluntary entrepreneurship programme designed by the university’s management to deepen entrepreneurship skills amongst undergraduates.

With its 79 skill developing areas, the stream 2 programme will give access to up to 2000 undergraduates who desires to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

LASU students who enrolled in the stream 2 programme are expected to come out with two different certificates.

Speaking recently on the programme, Prof. Martins Anetekhan, Director, Centre for Entrepreneur, LASU, Mr. Martins Anahanteka explained “The university management concerned about how graduates of the universities of Nigeria generally not been able to be employed and then walking all over the street set up a committee to look at what can be done to at least check the trend, so the management set up the committee and I was the chairman of the committee”

“We transverse the whole country visiting other institutions we even went as far as visiting NUC, JAMB and so on by the time we came back putting all the reports together, we realized that these gentlemen and women they are not able to get jobs the vacacies that are out there because they can not accommodate them then the recommendations are, they have to be skillfull, adjust their mindset to employ themselves to become entrepreneurs and employ others thereby contributing to the national development so we recommended the programme.

“Apart from giving them knowledge there’s need to also acquire some skills that was what gave birth to STREAM 2. It is called stream 2 just for ease of reference the right name for it is Full Time Programme With Entrepreneurship.”

“Note that the uniqueness of this is that any student who comes through this programme let’s take for instance a person who is studying accountancy at the end of the programme if he happens to be talented in music the student will take up music, learn music in part one in different stages at the end of the the programme this student will have BS.C Accountant and another certificate is competence in music and the relevant professionalism body he will be opportune to register before leaving the system. This is exactly what we are doing.”

“Note that there is no student under any compulsion to do it, it is voluntary. The students are made to understand that there are two streams if you prefer stream one you come in you prefer stream two you come it, it is absolutely voluntary,” he stated.

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