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Easter: Clerics Task Christians On Modesty and Sacrifice




As christains celebrate easter in several ways, clerics have urged christians to be modest and sacrificial in their celebrations and lifetime.

Easter, one of the most festive event of christains, is a two day event which usually falls on Sundays, celebrated in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the christian Bible.

Archdeacon, Ven. Reginald Okpala of the Church of Epiphany Anglican Communion, Lagos while speaking to the congregation, admonished them to be modest in their celebrations as showing off does not replicate Jesus Christ.

According to Okpara “we remember the one that has died for our sins, if not for the cross our believe is in vain. All other religions when they die they don’t know where they are going but Jesus knew where he was going, he said he would ressurect and he did that means every other thing he said will surely come to pass, he is coming to take us to be with him. He said

“Christains should be modest in all things, Jesus Christ was only trying to tell us to be modest in all things you don’t have to show off anything, when you do that you are taking God’s glory. We should be modest in our celebration and remember others while you are celebrating.”

The Archdeakon explain that Easter doesn’t have a fixed date because Christians who celebrate Easter follow the Jewish calendar “Easter falls in passover, the passover was the Good Friday we had”

“This is the celebration we celebrate with the Jew when we celebrate our Good Friday, for them it is passover however they don’t celebrate Easter but we do because that is the resurrection day”

The Head Pastor, Palace Fire Church, Lagos, Pastor Joshua Afolabi told Optimum Times that Easter is majorly about Sacrifice.

He said “That action of Jesus giving his life brought millions of people close to God through him including you and I which is same reason we have the authority to go about live the way we ought to.”

During the church service with the theme “Redemption Easter Conference” he led the congregation on a special praise section stating that Jesus Christ died on the cross and was able to resurrect from dead, this. means that all our problems are gone.

Speaking on the significance of the celebration, he said “if Christ hadn’t died there won’t be a relationship between we and God, we shouldn’t be carried away by the celebration and forget the reason of Easter. Somebody paid a price, don’t let his price not be in vain.”

“We are supposed to let God resurrect in us afreash by being born again. We have to learn how to show love, give a helping hand to somebody, defend the cause of the gospel, when you see someone falling off, defend and help that person.”

“Be good to unbelievers because Christ gave rain to both believers and unbelievers, it is easier to love someone that loves you but Christ’s love goes beyond loving someone that loves you. We were unlovable yet Christ died for us so extend that love to someone.”

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