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Cultural Intelligence, Taking Data Apt For Business Transformation – Experts



For an Entrepreneur to survive in a digital world, Cultural Intelligence and Data Taking abilities amonst others are a Must-have, Business Experts said.

Professor Sapo Akewushola of Lagos State University, Business Administration Department stated this recently at a symposium organised by the business administration and management student Association (BAMSA).
Akewushola who was the Key Speaker agreed with Moses Uche, the moderator, kehinde Kenku, Micheal Henry, speakers and penalist that taking data can not be over emphasize in the success of an entrepreneur in a digital world.

On Critical thinking they explained, critical thinking is the knowledge of where you are and where going to “this is very important for any one that desire success in business and in all manner of life, Adaptve and flexibility is also very important because anyone that has this quality may have limited or no problem with his/her business in the digital world, as time goes on, things changes and revolution takes place continuously, the flexibility quality helps you do many things and adaptation on the other hand makes u survive any condition attached to the change.”

They continued, “Creativity is never to be ignored in any stage of a business, absence of this quality is capable of making a business never to grow or make a grown business fail or crash, no matter how successful the business is

“Emotional intelligence is as important as other qualities, this quality helps u study people’s feelings, choice and preference,” they explained.

On Cultural intelligence and diversity, they stated “some people are conditioned not to use or consume a particular commodity because of their culture, their tradition or even their religion, enterprenuers should also consider this very well before establishing business in any region.”
Technology, they insisted, is extremely important “technology is one of the most important factor in transforming a business in the digital world.”

“Business today has really changed face from the normal buying and selling we have always known it to be, to thrive in a digital world, entrepreneurs must pay more attention to customer care services, websites, social media platforms to mention but a few as they enable business growth and maintain its standard,” they said.

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